Emmy Boo Pictures


Pure Emmy Cheese

photo (1)

The “I didn’t do it face”

photo (2)

The “leave me alone face”

photo (3)The “thats interesting” face photo (4)The “really though?” face photo (5)

The “this is awkward” face


Emmy’s Tricks

Emmy has learned quite a few tricks in the three years we have had her. Some of these tricks include sitting, shaking hands, laying down, heeling, and jumping. I am most impressed with her ability to jump (although it causes a lot of trouble). She can jump over are high fence (probably ranging around 7-8 ft) on her first try! The problem is that she usually jumps over the fence to have some “free time” and run around the neighborhood. Infact, some people in our neighborhood joke around about her and call her “crazy dog.” It’s not that she is “crazy” it’s just funny seeing her run around with her tongue hanging out! 🙂



Hamsters are fuzzy and just plain adorable! So I decided to post a few pictures of  five  different types! I hope you enjoy!


syrian-hamster Golden Hamster

6479316-winter-white-russian-dwarf-hamster-in-studio-against-a-white-background-stock-photo                Siberian Hamster

2081590606_2868a52e43Dwarf Hamster ( as you can see, the dwarf hamster looks alot like the Siberian hamster)krecek-cinsky Chinese Hamster

roborovski_hamster_000003009190x                         Roborovski Hamster ( this one is my personal favorite, if you look at more pictures, you will notice this hamster sometimes almost looks like a fuzzy, miniscule, puppy!)



Miss “Mellow” Emmy

Wow. It’s really crazy when you think that 3 years ago, when I first blogged about my dog, Emmy, she was as wild as an angry bull. However, Emmy has toned down ( something I thought was nearly impossible). We have seen Emmy go through her ruff first months of adjusting to her new home, then seen her first second  and third birthday,as well as the crazy day when she ate a whole burrito AND pie crust.  Finally, we see her start to get mellow and mature ( which slightly annoys me).There are both good and bad things about her mellowing out, i’ll tell the bad things first,


  1. Emmy will not act like super CRAZY, wild, funny Emmy anymore.       ( ok fine, that’s not totally true, but she will not act like that AS MUCH!)
  2. She will not bark as much. ( that’s half good, half bad) It’s mostly bad to me because her barking was kinda comforting.




  1. She won’t be hostile towards friends, or people she feels uncomfortable with. ( Seriously, a while ago someone came over, and she just wagged her tail, and didn’t bark a word!)
  2.  She is very sweet and loves to cuddle now!!!!! ( I mean she would cuddle before, but to tell the truth she was not as sweet!)
  3. She makes these cute little double chins when she gets sleepy, and it’s so cute! Her eyes get kinda droopy too! ( it creates this ” i’m a wise old man” kinda look!!!!


So, these are the pluses and minuses of Emmy’s adulthood! I hope you enjoyed this post, have a Happy New Year!








Pygmy Goats!

Pygmy Goats!? What are they?                                                                                                                                                     Is the question many people ask themselves when they see a picture, article, add, or anything involving pygmy goats. well, you probably are looking at this post because you want to learn about what a pygmy goat is, so lets cut to the chase. The pygmy goat is a certain goat breed that is EXTREMELY small! They can be milked and their milk is super good for your health! I have heard that they are becoming common household pets, and can become very good friends with dogs! Its quite amazing when you think of a little goat becoming a common household pet, like cats or dogs! Here are some really cute pictures of a few pygmy goats:

: 1. pygmy goats love to jump and skip EVERYWHERE!

little white cutie!

 like I said before, they are great friends to other pets!

 so small!!!

 little miss stubby legs!

( I love my mommy!)

 one of the cutest things you will ever see!

 why yes, can you tell we are twins?

 hi my name is super cutie! whats your name?


Some Cool Facts About Animals!

  1. A chinese water deer is so small when it is born, that it can fit in your palm! 
  2. Female lions do 90% of the hunting! 
  3. The bat is the ONLY mammal that can fly! 
  4. The average fox weighs 14 pounds! 
  5. At birth, baby kangaroos are only an inch long! Thats pretty small! (this kangaroo is a few months old, and not a new born)
  6. The only dog that does not have a pink tongue is a chow! 
  7. Young goats sometimes pick up ” accents” from each other!                          not all goats look this small and cute! this is a pygmy goat, known for its extremely small size! ( i’m hoping to post an article about pygmy goats)

8. Polar bears have black skin under their fur! 

9. Honey bees can flap their wings 200 times a second!  

10. A rhino’s horn is made up of multiple hairs ( fibers) packed together!